• Viktoria3

    A Real Eurasian

    She was born in Kyrgyzstan to a Korean father and a German-Russian mother, raised in Germany and she now lives in Switzerland. Viktoria Kaschubinsky is a real Eurasian.

  • Colour photo of Albert Einstein

    Swiss Life: Einstein’s House

    A genius once lived in my neighbourhood. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? His name was Albert Einstein. Countless times, I’ve walked by his house on Hofstrasse 116  in ignorance until a taxi driver told me.

  • Vintage knitting picture

    Swiss Life: Stitch and Bitch

    I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to knitting and crocheting. It all started last winter when I joined a Stitch and Bitch group and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • Animated portrait of the author of Days of Hanako

    A Comic Blog

    These days, it seems like everybody has a blog. But get this. I met a Japanese woman in Toronto, Canada, who has a comic blog – Days of Hanako.

  • Maui

    Hawaiian Adventures

    Aloha! Ever dreamed of going to Hawaii? Well, I certainly did. My dream came true – three times! There’s more to Hawaii than just a tropical getaway. Here are my Hawaiian adventures.


2014 The Year-of-the Horse

The Year of the Horse

  The Year of the Snake has slithered away and the Year of the Horse has galloped in. January 31 is a new year in the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. Gong Xi Fat Cai!

Photo of three generations of the Jarvis-Lee family.

Modern Canadian Family

  Meet the Lees: a mixed-race Canadian family. No, they don’t live in Toronto or Vancouver, as you might expect. They live in a small town.

Portrait of former Dutch comfort women

Australian comfort woman

  The “comfort women” were not all Asian. Some were Dutch and Australian. Jan Ruff O’Herne was one of them. After 50 years of living with the shame and guilt in silence, she finally told her family about what happened to her in the Dutch East Indies during World War II.